Monday, February 8, 2010

Flower Blossom.

*Sold Out*
*Luxe Collection, Non-Restockable*

Colour A
Colour B
Colour C
Colour D
Colour E
Colour F

Description :
Perfect dress for CNY.
Can be worn with or without spaghetti straps.
Totally love the sweetheart bustier.
Hand-sewn lace at hemline.
Comes with cute little ribbon.
Smoked back for a better fit.

Material :
Soft cotton.

Size & Measurements :
Bust : 12.5 "
Waist : 11"
Length : 31 "
(Fits UK4-UK10)

Price : RM45

Status :
Colour A (White with red roses) - Sold Out
Colour B (Black base) - Sold Out
Colour C (Red base) - Sold Out
Colour D (Brown base) - Sold Out
Colour E (White with tangerine roses) - Sold Out
Colour F (Dark Blue base) -Sold Out