Friday, July 24, 2009

Vintage Bag

This bag can be used a several ways.

First way :

as a hand carry.

Second way :

Sling bag.

Third way :

Back pack.

Have you seen any of these bags that can be used as a back pack too? Be the first at Kiss and Tell loves. ;)

Fourth way :

Carry it like carrying a speedy bag.
Fifth way :

Shoulder bag.
Clasp :

Gold buckle and the immaculate white trimming around the bag.

Back zipper.
Back view of the bag :

Hook the extra sling onto the hooks to transform it into a back pack

Description :
5 ways bag.
Vintage, classical and feminine.
Comes with extra sling in the bag.
Clasp to unlock/lock bag.

Material :

Compartments :
Inner zipper.
Handphone compartment.
Back zipper.

Price : RM45

*Strictly non-restockable, grabbed everything from suppliers. Hence, first come first serve*