Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rocker Jacket

*Sold Out*

Trendspotted : Rihanna.

Really nice jacket, even the male spesies agreed! :D

Can be worn a few ways.

Firstly, unfold the collars and leave it slightly unzip a little to create a v-cut collar.

Secondly, button it to give it a cardigan feel.

Thirdly, leave it unzipped and unbuttoned.

Lastly, unzip the side zips and fold the sleeves up to create a 3 quarter feel.

Close-up :

All zips are functional.

Description :
Vintage yet rocker and chic.
Tight fitting hence suits petites very well!
Can be worn 4 ways.
All zips are functional.
Button at neck.
Size zippers at cuffs.
Vintage + Acid wash + zippers?! All the trend in one. What more could we ask for.
Definitely a keeper.
Spice up outfit easily.

Material :
Jeans material alike.

Free size. Fits UK2-small UK8

Price : RM69
(Postage inclusive)