Friday, June 5, 2009

New Policy by Kiss and Tell.

Hey loves, recently came out with a new policy for all these pre-order babies from U.S.A whereby you can offer me your best price and I will reconsider (please bear in mind all prices are at the minimum after convertion as we take into account the fluctuation of the currency rate, custom duty, tax rate and shipping, seriously earning peanuts but just doing this so that all the girls out there could afford all these while not burning a hole in their pocket) whether do accept your offer or not. If I decline it, you can offer me a new rate and it goes on and on till both parties are satisfied. Good, no? ;)

If you see heels that are not posted on the site, simply mail me with the photos and sizes and colour and I will quote you a price :D

Please be reminded that quality are reassured and it is definitely more worth while than buying imitation (which are mostly made in china/hong kong/taiwan ) which will be worn out after frequent usage. Experience speaking here. sigh~

Hope you girls LOVE our new policy ;)

Pre-order for Batch 1 has been closed and the amount of orders were just WOW!! thanks for the support dearies.

Will be back in a month.s time with a bang!!