Sunday, May 10, 2009

Zipper skirt

*Sold Out*

Now, we not only see zipper on tops and dress but also on this superb sexy skirt. *squeals*

Mini high waist skirt which is very body hugging.

Zipper that can be zipped or un-zipped ;)

Can be worn as a mini skirt.

Afraid it might be too short? fret not, it comes with a pants inside. no more pee-ka-boo. ;)

Hugs hips perfectly. :D

Description :
Comes with a zipper.
Can be worn as front slit (when you unzip the zipper)
Shorts attached.
Size zipper.

Material :
Cotton (slightly stretchable)

Sizes :
Size S
Waist 15 inches, length 13 inches, zipper 6 inches (Fits uk2-uk4)
Size M
Waist 17 inches, Length 14 inches, zipper 6 inches
(Fits uk6-uk8)
Size L
Waist 19 inches, Length 15 inches, zipper 6 inches
(Fits uk10-uk12)

Status :
S (5 pieces)
M (5 pieces)

Price :
(Postage via post express included)