Friday, December 26, 2008

Christian Louboutin

Taking orders for this pair of baby, comes in grey and black.

However, the knotted part is a lighter shade of grey compared to the body part, as for black, not much difference.

superb comfortable pair of heels as the interrior is padded, no pig skin guaranteed although group of 3 holes were spotted however, confirmed with suppliers already that it is not pig skin lining, but some taiwan trend.

sole is red just like all the christian louboutin heels. ;)

satin coated for the knots while faux leather for the body.

Price : RM59

Status :
Size 35 (Vincci size 4) - Sold!
Size 36 (Vincci size 5) - 2 pairs Sold!
Size 37 (Vincci size 6) - 4 pairs Sold!
Size 38 (Vincci size 7) -2 Pairs Sold!
Size 39 (Vincci size 8) - 4 pairs Sold!

*Restockable but very limited*